Making Eating From the Pantry Healthy & Enjoyable

This is the time of year you want to hunker down with your family, stay warm, and avoid too many trips to the store. This is the time of year that many begin eating from the pantry, either because they have a pantry full of food to eat up or because it saves you money (or both!).

The problem people often face in eating from the pantry is that those dried and canned foods can only be so exciting and most often lack some very important nutrients that you simply must get somewhere else.

Last year our family took two months off from going to the grocery store. For December and January we ate all of the foods we had preserved, stocked up on, frozen, and fermented. Being that it was also the season to get sick, I did a lot of research to ensure our family would stay well.

With all of that research, information, and experience I compiled a cookbook just for winter. This cookbook contains information on how to stock up during the year to be prepared to eat from the pantry while staying healthy and eating seasonally.

So today I thought I”d share a few ideas from that book that might be helpful for anyone looking to make eating from the pantry healthy and enjoyable.

Make Sure You Fill In The Nutritional Gaps

Most of the pantry foods Ils possedent des accreditations qui leur ont ete delivrees par des organismes de regulation europeens autonomes telles que les commissions des jeux de casino de Malte, Gibraltar ou encore Kahnawake. you might be looking at include grains, beans, canned vegetables and fruits, and other dry or canned goods. The nutrients you are missing from these foods are enzymes, probiotics, and the fat-soluble vitamins.

In order to both make your meals more exciting and healthful add a raw and/or fermented food like sauerkraut to every meal. This can look like a big salad, a lacto-fermented dill pickle, or homemade cultured sour cream.

In addition, add a food containing the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K. This could include some grass-fed animal products like meat, liver, or butter or taking a daily cod liver oil supplement.

Find Different Ways to Serve the Same Thing

When you”ve got an entire root cellar full of potatoes you have got to get creative. Baked potatoes at every meal is going to get old really fast. Instead of listing all of the different ways to use up those grains, beans, and canned goods I thought I”d share a few resources for finding different recipes for the same old pantry foods.

Simple Food {for winter}. This is my downloadable cookbook, filled with recipes for soups, skillets, stews, and tips for making that pantry food interesting and healthy. Use coupon code saving30 through December 12th to get the cookbook for $7 – 30% off the original price!

All Recipes – This is a great site for plugging in the ingredients you have, the ones you don”t, and finding all sorts of different recipes.

Simply Recipes – This site has simple and beautiful recipes for just about anything you can imagine.

Are you going to attempt to eat from the pantry this winter?



  1. Millie says:

    Taking two months off from the grocery store sounds great! What a great way to save money plus have an incredible learning experience.
    We do eat quite a bit from the pantry. I had a goal last year to make a master/rotating menu plan that included several bean recipes. We were eating different varieties of beans 3 or 4 times a week and never tired of them. To increase the nutrition of the beans, I usually cook them in homemade broth. Like you suggested, we also try to have a ferment with each meal. A bean soup (or any soup) becomes something much more exciting with fresh sourcream drizzled in it.


  1. [...] Making Eating from the Pantry Healthy & Enjoyable [...]

  2. [...] Making Eating from the Pantry Healthy & Enjoyable [...]

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